Have a look at a few images from our portfolio that have all been photographed and retouched by us:

Green Screen Photography Retouching

Green Screen, replacement of background, addition of pipe, ear pipe, bottle, gramophones.

Green Screen Corporate Photography Retouch

Green Screen shoot, placement of people into stock images of buildings.


Photo Retouching by HeadshotLondon

Skin and pool photo editing.


Advertising Photography Retouching and Manipulation

Comping of images together, sky and grass replaced.


Photo Retouching for Advertising and Fashion Campaigns

Replaced background. / Comping of stock sky, sea, yacht, surf and arm with champagne.


Photo Manipulation for Advertising & Fashion Campaigns

Removal of human, rebuilding helmet. / Enlarging of heads on models bodies.


Corporate & Portrait Photography Retouching

Skin retouched to reduce lines. / Skin photo editing.