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Frequently Asked Questions

Photography Sessions:

Q) Where would the shoot take place?
A) We mostly shoot on location but also at our Clerkenwell photography studio.


Q) What should I wear?
A) Something without too much pattern, so it does not distract from your face. Bring at least 3 options.


Q) Does retouching of images get rid of spots and blemishes?
A) Our digital ‘clearasil’ does wonders.


Q) Are prints included in the portrait photography shoot?
A) Prints are not included but can be arranged at an additional cost. Discounts are available for multiple printing orders.


Q) How much are the additional digital image retouches and DVDs?
A) Basic image retouching is charged at £45.00 (+vat) per image and DVDs are £40.00 (+vat)


Q) Can the make-up artist be arranged if I need one?
A) Yes, make-up artist can be arranged at £100.00 (+vat) per person depending on the length of your session.


Q) If I want to look thinner or have any other special retouching to be done, how much would that be?
A) Our complex retouching costs at £70.00 (+vat) per hour.


Q) Can you tell me about copyright?
A) All images photographed by Headshot London Photography are a copyright of Headshot London Photography and therefore the credit must accompanied by our copyright information: Image(s) © Headshot London


Q) Can I purchase the copyright of images taken during my photo session?
A) Yes, the copyright of Headshot London Photography images taken during your photography session can be purchased outright. Please speak to us about it for more information.


Bookings, Payments & Deposits and Storage Questions

Q) Do I need to pay a deposit?
A) Yes, 50% deposit is required for your session.


Q) Do you have a cancellation policy?
A) Yes, you need to cancel 48 hours before the session or you loose your deposit.


Q) When do I pay the balance for the shoot?
A) You can pay the balance at the end of your session by card, over the phone or bank to bank transfer. You will not receive your images until the balance is paid and cleared.


Q) What types of payment methods do you accept?
A) We accept card (Not American express), cash, cheque and bank transfers.


Q) Can I send you a cheque to book?
A) Yes, but the funds needs to be cleared before your session.


Q) How do you issue refunds if I cancel 48 hours before my session?
A) We issue a refund by the same method you initially chose to pay or through a bank transfer.


Q) How long will it take to get my refund?
A) Your refund should be in your account within a month from the time the cancellation takes place.

Q) How long will my images be accessible via download link?
A) Once the link has been sent, it is your responsibility to download the images as soon as possible. We will only keep images for 1 month. If you wish to store your images on our server then that must be arranged and agreed in advance of your shoot. Images that have not been downloaded or stored by arrangement can be lost at no cost to Headshot London Photography.

Q) How can I book the session?
A) Just send us an email at: or alternatively, give us a call: 020 3289 9054 and put through a deposit.