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Corporate Headshots & Portrait Photography

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Portrait photography helps identify who we are, how we see ourselves or how we are seen. They can be honest images or equally created for affecting a new and improved persona.

There are several types of portrait sessions that we create. The ‘studio’ shot, usually shot on a seamless backdrop with and without props and the ‘environmental’ portrait, placing the sitter in their surroundings. These can be so diverse that you may find many variations in a single session. We also shoot beauty & fashion photography sessions.

Speak to us to find out more about our portrait photo studio shoots for your requirements and see our portfolios for examples of our work.

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Most of our clients will hire us for commercial, corporate or media projects and so we shoot lots of portraits that end up in the online / offline national & international press, and trade publications.

This often means we are given instructions on the scope of a shoot so we can create images fit for purpose as these shots will have a clear objective.

Other clients who are looking to build a library of stock PR shots take a different approach and we are often asked to create additional images that have the capacity for long term use.

Previous client work

Over many years we have worked with many large and small businesses across the UK. These are just some of the projects we have produced.

Frequently Asked Questions clients ask before the session

Please see some of the most frequently asked questions we are asked before our professional portrait photography sessions. For anything else please also visit our FAQs page and get in touch.

How will you manage photo shoots during covid-19?

Whilst observing social distancing we have determined that shooting in small / medium portrait studios will not be the best approach. Instead we will be now be shooting all of our clients either outside or in a large office space staying 2 meters away. We are well equipped to do this with our professional equipment and have photography lenses that are already designed for social distancing. All of our photographers will also be wearing masks and gloves, and will observe social distancing rules at all times.


Where do portrait photography sessions take place?

Typically our portrait photography sessions take place out on locations or in client’s offices. Environmental portraits are best to be taken around the work environment you are in. This way we will create a backdrop that would directly relate to your work. PR and character portraits need dramatic lighting which can be brought anywhere and therefore does not require to be shot in the studio either. Get in touch with your requirements and we will be happy to answer your brief.

Does make up included in your sessions?

We hire different make up artists and air stylists as most of our clients prefer to do their own make up and hair. However, if you require one then please do get in touch in advance of your session and we will organise one for you. The make up artists we work with are the top professionals who know what make up to apply for photography sessions and they typically charge around £80 – £120.

Do you offer family portrait sessions?

Yes, we offer all types of portrait photography sessions – be it family sit down or out and about session, or an editorial, environmental or PR photography sessions for your professional or business marketing needs.

Do you do digital retouching on the images?

We offer Photoshop image retouching as a separate service. The prices start at £45 per image retouched and included removal of blemishes as well as photo manipulation. Please get in touch with our booking team or your photographer if you would like specific work to be done on any of your images.

All of the images from the session will be processed for quality to make sure the portraits are the right quality and on the brief.

How many images will I get after the session?

You will get all of the images from the session minus discards downloadable via online gallery. Discards will include any of the images that are out of focus or the images where you may have blinked for example. As an indication, from one hour photography session you should be expecting approximately 50-100 images.

Do you do portraits for online dating?

Yes we do and have done many online dating portraits. Please make sure that you discuss the type of images you will require with your photographer before the session to make sure you get the images that you will be happy with. If we do not know if the images are going to be used for dating then the portraits may come out a bit too formal and too business-like rather than warm, relaxed and friendly. The latter would suit dating market much better.

Also worth noting that we will not disclose online that the portraits were made for online dating.

Do you do black and white photography portraits?

Yes we do. Black & White portraits are our specialty. We love shooting black and white photography and so much so that we have added a new Black and White Portfolio on the website so you can see some of the previous work we did for our clients. Black and White images are achieved not by a simple colour conversion, they require special colour-related work adjustments to ensure striking and most impactful as well as visually dramatic results. Black and white images would also look best if the photographer knows that you want to have black and white images done before the photography session. For more information about our black and white portrait photo shoots please visit our online portfolio and get in touch with Headshot London’s Booking team.

What our clients say about us

We have been working with Headshot London since the second quarter of 2016 and continue to be impressed by their creativity and consistency. Once we were set up with the first shoot, the process of booking, shooting and receiving the images is almost automatic with little input required by us other than choosing a time and date and making sure our staff are available. A smooth service and highly recommended. - Verus Partners Limited
We have worked with David at Headshot London since May 2016 and he has taken all our portrait photographs for the website. The photos are always excellent quality and fit our requirements perfectly. David is very competent, efficient and great to work with – and he always has a smile on his face!- Memery Crystal LLP
I had a fantastic experience with their photographer David. I had never done a shoot before so was a bit nervous, but he quickly helped me relax. Very professional studio and I managed to get photos tailored for my specific needs (in this case casting portfolio shots). They have a large outdoor as well as indoor space so I managed to get a range of photos in the single hour I was there. I would highly recommend this company to anyone who needs a dependable, upmarket photo session. Many thanks- Tom Tremlett