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If you are looking for a professional corporate headshots in London, corporate photographer for portraits or events, or an editorial PR photographer and want a great publicity shot – look no further. We are one of the most popular City of London commercial photography studios – just see who our corporate photographers are already working with – client list.


We shoot everything a corporate client would ever need – be it a ‘serious business in action’ portrait or an approachable style – ‘friendly business working for you’. These can be outdoor shoots or more formal, less lifestyle looking, studio or office-based corporate headshots, portraits or group shots.


We use some of the best lighting and camera equipment available in the industry to help you achieve the exact look you want. We can supply any background for matching your existing style which may have been created at an office overseas or by another photographer. If the look cannot be achieved in your UK office, we can use a green-screen to apply a similar style of background from an overseas office.


We work with finance / banking, architecture / construction / property, law firms, as well as insurance, PR, Marketing, Tech, film / TV, design and advertising agencies across the UK and World-wide, shooting striking corporate images for marketing, design, advertising, PR and editorial use.

Our corporate photographers are available throughout the UK and as far flung as you would like. Whether a simple corporate headshot or advertising campaign shoot for your marketing and PR, just let us know what your requirements are and we’ll be happy to discuss how we can deliver the right look for your images.


Headshot London’s corporate Photographers can be commissioned for assignments throughout London and the UK for: Corporate Headshots, Annual Reports, PR, Marketing Materials and Brochures, Events, Company Publications, Websites, Catalogues, Resumes, LinkedIn profiles and Press Releases.


Our corporate photography pricing structures change depending on the type of job, how complicated the shoot, props, locations and deadlines. For a specific quote, please drop us a line or give us a call for prices tailored to your needs.


If you’re looking for advice on anything related to booking a photography session with us, just drop us a line or give us a call. Our photography studio is in Old Street, close to Moorgate or Liverpool Street stations, which means we could be at your city office sooner than you think.


If you would like to discuss our creative consultancy for your brands photographic image, please get in touch.

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What is a Corporate Headshot?

You’ve seen a million of them before, on websites and accompanying magazine articles, but what exact qualities does an image need to qualify as a corporate head shot?




What Is A Corporate Headshot?

Corporate headshots are portraits often produced digitally and used for engaging in social media, the about us page and industry specialty sites. Generally speaking, it’s a photograph of an individual with the simple purpose of showing what they look like. This then is the classic head and shoulders shot used by businessmen, authors, actors and models on an everyday basis for personal branding. Subjects are often shown head-to-chest or head-to-torso.


Corporate Headshots often used for:


– Annual reports
– LinkedIn personal profiles as well as publisher profiles
– Facebook
– Résumés
– Corporate catalogs, brochures and advertising collateral
– Company publications and websites, internal and external
– Press releases and other announcements
– Marketing materials
– Articles and newspapers
– Author pages
– Annual Company Reports


Corporate headshot - Microsoft


But What Makes a Good Corporate Head shot?




Technical considerations


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Difference Between Portraits and Headshots

What’s a headshot? A picture of someone, usually just head and shoulders. What’s a portrait? A picture of someone, often just head and shoulders. So is there a difference? The answer to that is, “Yes, there certainly is!” Read on to learn exactly what it is…


portrait vs headshot


The Difference Between Headshots and Portraits

You might be forgiven for wondering if the difference between headshots and portraits was a matter of technique – but in fact it’s actually one of intent.



Black and White Headshot (c) Headshot London photography Studio


A headshot is generally taken to mean a formal representation of a person for use in a professional setting. Businessmen have them taken to use on profiles or to accompany articles about them. Actors always need up-to-date headshots for their portfolio, as do models. And in fact, in this day and age of online living, practically everyone needs one for their LinkedIn or Facebook page.



Character PR Portrait (c) Headshot London Photography Studio


A portrait on the other hand should be less formal and more enlightening – it should in some way tell a story or illuminate who the sitter is. It can be head and shoulders, or it could be from the waist up or even show the complete figure. And whereas headshots need to be pretty straightforward, a portrait allows for artistic license – for example, dramatic use of light and shade could put the sitter’s features into shadow to create an air of mystery or props could be used to tell a story about the person.


Tips For Taking Headshots and Portraits


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