We’re in the Money

In October this year we were introduced to a game played by Surrealists called le Cadavre exquis. You each add a little drawing to an image on folded paper till you end up with a portrait.


Magnifique! We cried in our broadest French accent. We started looking for a way to play the game with photography rather than drawing with pencil. We decided to combine what we love doing best with what is often on our lips these days; money, which, as it happens, is mostly illustrated imagery.


So, using a £10 note and a 50 Kroner note—our Surrealist game began. David, Elena and Dennis decided to morph money with people, until a slight problem arose.


An interesting problem really… when trying to scan the Sterling note, Photoshop rejected it. We assume, due to fears of fraudulence. The note was then photographed separately and we infused the photos of the team with the currency.


By adding sepia tones and blue filters to both Elena and Dennis’ faces, and adding a jagged crop after so much messing around, we finally managed to create our very own money. That’s right, money.


Recession 01 Headshot London