The Wedding Day – Videography Services Launched

We are happy to say we have launched our first video advertisement for Headshot London and in time for Red Nose Day 2013!


Our first film entitled ‘The Wedding day’ was written to show that we can produce video as well as still photography but more importantly, understanding the client’s brief is paramount to delivering great results. Sadly not everyone listens to their client and the bride in our film found out the hard way!


The advert was shot at one of our very generous client’s premises near Cannon Street — Skinner’s Hall. Parts of the building date back many, many hundreds of years and it was a real pleasure to be working there again after a number of shoots in 2012 and 2013.


Contrary to what you might expect from a photography company, we decided to blow the budget and shoot on the RED Epic video camera rather than a DSLR as the look we wanted needed a little something extra… I think you’ll agree that the video looks great and demonstrates well, David’s Directing skills and team Headshot London’s dedication to being the very best in all that we do.


Keep an eye out for more of our work throughout 2013 as we have a second advertisement coming up and an offering of client videos too.


If you would like to discuss a creative video production for your company, call us today, we’ll be glad to help… after all, We enjoy our work. We are good at it too.


Produced by
Headshot London


David Locke


Maite Jáuregui: Bride
Dajana Trtanj: Make up artist


Alex Woolf


Producer and Editor
Almudena Ramírez Pantanella


David Locke
Almudena Ramírez Pantanella


Director of photography
Steve Marshall


Camera operator
Heath Mcwaters


Make-up artist
Kamila Siemiatkowska


Mo Panella


Original music
The Onironauts


Production Assistants
Elena Agafonovaite
Dan Thomas
Jared Locke


(c) Headshot London Photography Videography Services