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Our team portraits

We were asked this week to advise on team portraits for a new client. The client was looking for a way of bringing lots of people together on their new website without it looking chaotic or boring.

As their consultancy was all about individuals, they felt it was important to allow their staff to have their own styles but to somehow feel like they are all part of the same organisation and by extension, the same ethos.

They mentioned that they had looked at our Headshot London team portraits and although none of their male staff had facial hair (maybe it’s a photographer thing) they really liked the approach. They hadn’t thought of using a black background and had never considered the use of Black and White before as they imagined that it was old fashioned or out of date. No, no, no, we said! OUT OF DATE! OLD FASHIONED!!!

Well, as it happens we think Black and White photography still plays a big part in our world and you really only need to read our blog… we drop them in all over the place.

Our team images do exactly what that client wanted. The images offer the team some individuality — David Locke shoots our team portraits and lights each person in the way that he feels makes the most of them. Almost all of the shots have different lighting techniques and yet really feels like they all belong together.

David Locke’s portrait on our website was shot by Associate Photographer; Elena whilst she assisted David on assignment for Balfour Beatty in Manchester. She used natural light and yet it still feels part of the team look and feel.

If you are looking for a unified set of individuals for your team’s images and just don’t know where to start… check out our Headshot London team page by clicking here or have a chat to us, we’d love to hear from you. Give us a call on 020 3222 0087