Marketing Photography: Sometimes simple is a winner

We love a challenge at Headshot London but it’s not all hanging off buildings or creating dark and moody lit images… though we love doing it, simple portraits can produce great results… award winning as it happens!


We have been working with Dekko Advertising on their IET Fellows (The Institute of Engineering and Technology) marketing collateral since early 2012 and we are pleased to say that Dekko have been awarded Memcom’s 2013 Award for part of the IET’s marketing collateral.


We’re very pleased for the team over at Dekko but equally happy to have been a part of it and looking forward to more of the same.


If you need marketing photography and something award winning and want to work with us at Headshot London Photography or Dekko Advertising… or both, give us a call on: 020 3289 9054


Click the logo below to find Dekko’s website or call Amy on: 0207 631 1266