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Retouching – Finding The Right Background


Many of our clients like a more natural look for a portrait. They would rather not be seen in a plain background like a white wall and so being shot in the studio is something they would rather not do. For those people we always recommend that their office be the backdrop.


Not all of our clients, however, have the perfect office environment to shoot in. Its not always the case that the way you look to your customers is the reality of everyday life. Some start-up clients will, rightly so, ensure that the service they offer is where the investment goes but the office they work from might well be a kitchen in their parent’s home. Other companies have an office that is overflowing, busting at the seams and in need of more space.


There are many reasons why the replacement of a background is key to looking good and presenting yourself and your business well and for those clients – retouching is the answer.


The client in the image above wanted to shoot outside as she wanted a more natural look. The Great British weather had other plans, on the day… Not unfamiliar territory to humble photographers.


The decision was made- an image purchased from a library was the answer on this occasion and rather than selecting an outdoor scene, an office was chosen. This will give more longevity of the retouched image’s use. Outdoor shots can be taken when the weather is on your side. The final image is clean and tidy, nicely colour graded for warmth and at minimal expense when compared to booking a location for a single image.


The cost of image stock from a library can be anything from £1 – £1000’s so keep your mind open and you may find, for a cost of around £100+ you have a whole new look.


If you are in the market for a new office make-over, ask one of our team about image retouching services.