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Professional Event Photographer

So you have a birthday event coming up. Or perhaps a business function. Or maybe a concert that you worked so hard for. The budget’s ready and almost all details are set. And then you sit down, peruse your budget one more time and realize that you have not tapped a photographer to cover your event yet. You figure perhaps you can just do the documenting tasks yourself or maybe a friend or a relative can take snapshots all throughout the event. Less expenses, less hassles. Or so you thought.


This is usually the biggest mistake that every event organizer tend to commit. They do not set aside budget in order to hire a professional event photographer. They usually think that professional event photographers only mean additional expenses for a task that they think they can just do on their own. They usually think that hiring professional event photographers will mean additional headaches, additional people to feed, additional people to deal with, additional people to tend to, additional equipment. Truth be told, while some of these can be true, hiring a professional event photographer will mean peace of mind, quality and, really, less worries and hassles. Still not convinced? Here are some reasons why it is extremely necessary for you to leave the photography hobbyist role for a bit and instead hire a professional event photographer for any special occasion:


1. You can make your guests feel very at home and happy when they see that a stranger (and a professional one at that…truly someone who knows his or her craft) is in charge of taking photos. Let’s face it. Not everyone might want to see you behind the lens. Some might feel uneasy and may not even manage a happy smile. Considering that you also have other things to tend to, you might rush your guests, force them to gather together and quickly smile so that you can move to another group. That wouldn’t be nice for you and your guests. Let someone else do the job. Professional event photographers know how to make people feel comfortable and pros have that eagle eye to snap nice, candid shots.


2. If your event has something to do with business or anything formal – wouldn’t it be nicer if your guests would feel important as well? For them to see a professional event photographer at the event premises would let them feel that you’re professional yourself and that you mean business. Professional event photographers are usually familiar with how formal events go and they know where to stand, where to take photos from and where to position themselves especially when the event is already underway. Unless you give them very specific instructions, professional event photographers already know who, where, how and when to take photos. That is their specialty, after all. Moreover, your guests would appreciate it if they know that the photos would be of top notch quality and that they may even end up using the same for the newsletters, company documents and even websites.


3. Nothing beats quality. Let’s face it, as much as you want to think that you’re already a good enough point and shoot photography hobbyist (not that there’s anything wrong with using a point and shoot camera and being a hobbyist, by the way), there really are times when you just have to leave it all up to the pros. After all, you wouldn’t want to see photos with chopped heads or really badly lit rooms or poorly focused subjects or tons of red eyes, right? For sure, you’d want the photo of your daughter who’s celebrating her 18th birthday dancing with her father to be very special and to be really, really good – the kind that you’d want to have blown up, framed and hung on your living room wall. Hiring a professional event photographer would buy you that peace of mind – that assurance that at the end of the event, all you will receive are great images and not just a few lucky shots.


4. Professional event photographers know how to capture a special moment at the very instant it happens. You see, because of the many events they’ve already covered, they already know the drill, so to speak. They know what will happen and they can sense where the best position to take the photo from would be. Call it loads of experience or maybe clairvoyance but what’s important is that they can get the job done and they can do it well.


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