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Professional Photography: Why Your Business Needs It

In a world that is more competitive than ever, you need to find ways to stand out from the crowd and distinguish yourself from your competitors. Across all your marketing, whether that’s online, in the press, via print adverts or newsletters, your visuals need to pack a punch. This is where top-quality professional photography can really make a difference.
The dominant sense in human beings is vision and since the beginning of time we have been drawn towards visual and graphic images. We may now be cultured and sophisticated consumers but that hasn’t made us any less susceptible to the impact of a strong image. Think about what happens whenever you browse the Internet or flick through a magazine. Your eye is drawn to the most arresting pictures, while it’s easy to skim past pages of solid text. Once your attention has been grabbed by the visual element of the story, you’ll then turn your attention to the written word. And the most powerful images of all can tell the story or convey the message without the use of any words at all.
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But do I really need to use a professional photographer?

The short answer to this question is “yes” for a whole multitude of reasons. Amateur photographs are great for capturing a priceless family moment when you’re on holiday. However, in a crowded marketplace, they simply can’t match the standards set by experienced professional photographers.
There is far more to professional photography than meets the eye; watch a corporate photographer at work and you will see that he or she does much more than just point and click. Not only do they need to have the technical know-how and the right equipment for the job, they also need an artist’s understanding and appreciation for composition, the play of light and colour, and how to use the visual image to convey a subliminal message.
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How do I find the right professional photographer?

Identifying the right photographer for your needs is extremely important to ensure that the images you commission will be really effective. There are a few things to look out for when making your decision:
1. Be clear in your mind as to what you’re looking for, both in terms of the content and style of the photographs you are commissioning;

2. Make a list of the images required and where you hope to use them, eg on the Internet, in advertisements, in print;
3. Set a realistic budget for what you expect to achieve;

4. Allow enough time, both for your decision and for the subsequent shoot;
5. Make a short-list of photographers in your area and compare their portfolios to see which one most matches the style of photography you are looking for;
6. When you have narrowed it down to one or two, talk to the potential photographers about the job and ask them for a quote. You want to discuss deadlines, exactly what’s included in the price and where and how the shoot will take place;
7. Check whether there will be any additional costs, such as hiring models, styling, post production and whether the agreement is for unlimited use or licensed use of the pictures.
Remember, the visual impact of your marketing is critical and it really does pay to use the best business photographers you can afford.