How To Take Perfect Fashion Shot?

With so many aspiring models these days, photographers – budding, neophyte and professionals alike – can definitely make a killing. These aspiring models would need professional portfolios so of course they would also need great fashion photographers who can capture wonderful images. They would want photographers who can capture various angles, the best possible looks for every possible theme or style. These aspiring models would most likely prefer photographers who can take the perfect fashion shot.


So if you’re a professional photographer and you want to attract as many clients (all who need fabulous fashion shots) as possible, wouldn’t you need to brush up (and brush up real good!) on your fashion photography skills? Wouldn’t you need to check if your skills and knowledge in terms of fashion photography are all still in tune with the times and are all still capable of helping you come up with that WOW photo? Wouldn’t you need to learn more tips on how you can take that perfect fashion shot?


The first thing you have to bear in mind when trying to capture that perfect fashion shot is that you need to establish a great working relationship with your model. Come to think of it, if you feel comfortable working with your model and your model feels the same way towards you, this will truly be very helpful. More often than not, you and your model will not have any qualms towards one another and the resulting fashion shots will be great. Now if you’re asking as to how you can start establishing a great working relationship with your model – here are some tips. Get to know your model a little better. Don’t just settle with her first name. Instead, ask a little about her modeling experience, if any, and ask about the dresses or type of clothes she likes to wear. You should also use eye contact whenever you talk to your model.


Now here are some possible poses for your model to do. Try to dabble with these poses to get that perfect fashion shot!



First pose – the look away. Ask your model to “look away” – meaning your model focuses on something away from the camera. This look creates a nice sense of mystery and puts a little mischievous aura on your fashion shot.


Fashion Photography by headshotlondon


Second pose – models staring at each other. If you have two models, ask them to look at one another. Make sure to ask your models to exert a little personality when they look at one another, though.



Third pose – fun with lights! Using various types of lighting can truly add drama and mystery (and fun!) to your fashion shots. If you’re about to come up with edgy fashion shots, try to use hard lighting. If you want to avail of strobes and tungsten lights, however, do the shoots indoors or you can also look for a place that’s a little overcast.


Fashion - Headshot London Photography

Fourth pose – hit the streets and be among the masses. Be among the hoi polloi! Great fashion shots can be taken even in the middle of traffic or just along the sidewalk. Ask your model to strut her stuff along a graffiti-laden corridor and take lots of photos. This might sound a little cliché but ask your model to just “be herself.” This way, the photos look “naturally planned.” The photos look real.


Advertising Fashion Photography - Headshot London


Fifth pose – the “insert the prop here” look. This basically means that you must be open to using props during your fashion shoot. Believe us when we say that even the tiniest, most ordinary looking prop might just make or break a certain fashion photo. Why not include a fancy beaded bag and ask your model to work her poses with it? Why not bring in the colorful balloons, the Victorian Era-esque masks and perhaps even ball and chains? Props can help enliven a photo so don’t hesitate to use some. Just remember not to overdo it, though! Less can sometimes mean more.


Even with these highly doable tips on how to get that perfect fashion shot, however, you must still remember that as a photographer, the most important thing to bear in mind is that you must also have the initiative, creative skills and the passion. Initiative because sometimes the best, “Wow” fashion photos can be found at the most unexpected times and the most unplanned circumstances. Creative skills because, well, you just can’t be a photographer without that, right? And passion because you have to love what you’re doing before you can actually see the best results.


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