Natural light portrait photography

  As photographers, we travel a lot. We are usually on assignment in buildings in London and around the country and sadly less often outside. On those rare occasions we are given the chance to shoot outdoors, we have to…
surveyors portraits london

Point 2 surveyors portraits

  Point 2 surveyors had a great shoot with Associate photographer Andrew and the results are lovely and with a great use of interesting walls   Check them out here: www.point2surveyors.com      
Iphone photography tips

iPhone Photography Tips

As smartphone cameras continue to improve in quality, there’s now a very real chance of taking high quality pictures with your iPhone. It’s the camera you always have with you and there are a multitude of shooting and editing options…
event photography burford capital

Burford Capital event photography

The summer is over and as we prepare for the long winter, the winter seems unprepared for us. Our unseasonal weather is certainly allowing us at Headshot London, time to get those summer event images during the autumn. It won’t last…

HSBC nationwide photoshoots

How many photographers does it take to change a light bulb? Well the answer is four… at least it took four of our photographers to take the client’s idea at HSBC (lightbulb… idea… get it?) and deliver their project over…
killer black and white headshot by David Locke at Headshot London

Killer Headshot Photographer

Great to see one of our Killer black and white headshot photographs featured on the new Headshot Hunter’s beautiful website shot by our Head of Photography David Locke! Beautiful shot and work well done David!   If you are looking…
portrait vs headshot

Difference Between Portraits and Headshots

What’s a headshot? A picture of someone, usually just head and shoulders. What’s a portrait? A picture of someone, often just head and shoulders. So is there a difference? The answer to that is, “Yes, there certainly is!” Read on…
GCAesthetics Black and White Portrait


It’s no surprise to us that GC Aesthetics’ vision is to become the leading independent medical aesthetic company in the world by 2016. They are one of our regular clients- a few years now, and have been leading the way…
3 monkeys communication PR agency in London

3 Monkeys Communications

  Award winning PR agency- 3 Monkeys Communications have launched a new website for their ever growing team of creative staff.   We are happy to say it features our fun portraits of their senior staff hidden behind colour panels.  …