Headshot London Blog -100-years-of-nikon





Its hard to believe 100 years have past since Nikon came to market with their optics… its also hard to believe that Headshot London have been servicing clients for 10% of that history, 10 years. When we look back over the photographers who have worked for us and those that continue on the team now, the camera brand that stands out disproportionately is Nikon.


For those of you who are not photographers, its hard to explain how important the camera and lens’ feel, speed, operational ease and weight helps to shape the way we work, the emotional connection can, for many, be likened to the love of a car or motorbike.


To our photographers, the cameras have been trusted tools and even friends and although the camera’s body may fall apart over time or be replaced by newer technology, it is often Nikon’s first products, the optics, the lenses, that remain in the camera bag, outliving all the body’s over literally decades. So we would like to add our congratulations to Nikon on their Centenary and thank them for the products that have helped us to follow our vocations.