theofficegroup corporate office space for photo shoots

Creative office space for photo shoots


We work with a great many start-up companies around London and a lot who operate in London but are based from home, somewhere outside – for these clients we usually recommend a room hire in an office in the city or creative space.


A company that we are now working with to offer a creative office space for corporate photography – provided by The Office Group have rooms and areas to shoot in all over London. The space we think will be a real head turner for our clients is in Liverpool Street station. Starting from £30 + VAT per hour (depending on office hours), you and your colleagues can be shot in a cool working environment that doesn’t look too corporate and would suit a great many companies across a number of sectors who want to present themselves with a creative look.


They have told us that shooting on weekends is a possibility if they have available staff – there is a minimal additional expense to out of hours shooting with them and so this provides those who find availability a problem – a real solution.


Take a look at some of the images of spaces we like:


photo space

photography session space


Take a look at their site for more info: