Natural light portrait photography


As photographers, we travel a lot. We are usually on assignment in buildings in London and around the country and sadly less often outside. On those rare occasions we are given the chance to shoot outdoors, we have to take a view on the client’s brief. Flash, natural light or both combined… these are the choices. Different briefs may dictate a certain look and that contains the answers you need in order to light the scene or not.


Sometimes, the look can be left open and the locations speak for themselves. They tell you what they want and how to shoot them. It can be said that the image in this post has been dictated by the location. A meandering path through Battersea Park has provided a gentle light on the background and soft, directional light on the client’s face. The image looks idyllic, calm and peaceful as a result.


Your portraits can be shot anywhere you like, in the bath, on a plane, in the office or underwater. You tell us where and our photographers can work out the rest.


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