Magritte Clothing Photo Shoot

We have been busily at it again in 2014… January sees us deliver another killer shoot and post-production project — this time it’s green screening for a website and advertising campaign for bespoke tailors, Morts and More.

The two images in this blog post are part of five campaign images along with studio shots for the company’s online catalogue.

The image with apples has been inspired by a painting from René Magritte, ‘Son of man’. You will soon be able to see three more images which have been inspired by the abstract Belgian artist’s work. The three additional images which can be referenced to him are: Golconde, La Clairvoyance and Not to be Reproduced.

The image with the wedding dress has been inspired by Joe Webb’s homage to René Magritte called ‘Kissing Magritte’. It serves our client’s bespoke wedding suits very well and is very much in keeping with the nod to the artist that we were trying to achieve.

You can view the rest of the images in the series by David Locke later this month in our advertising portfolio.

If you need to get creative and need a little abstract heavy post-production work, get in touch.