Livestation portrait

Livestation PR shoot

Shooting start up companies is always a joy for us – there is more freedom and ‘space’ available for creative experiments on the styles for both parties involved in the shoot – behind and in front of the camera.

Lippe Oosterhof is CEO of Livestation – a startup platform which distributes a plethora of international live news from radio, mainstream and alternative TV channels online.We found this idea really cool with all the events happening in the world now and Livestation’s ability to allow users the opportunity to watch global news from different vantage points, whenever they are connected.

Lippe contacted us looking for a series of studio and environmental portraits, which he could use for business. After a brief phone conversation we sensed this shoot would be creative, and we were right!

2 hours of shooting, 4 outfit changes, 2 shifts of locations, 3 different studio backgrounds and it seems David got that sought after selection of portraits. What we didn’t expect is how well Lippe and David would get along – only a two hour long shoot led to many hours of good conversation and a new ongoing friendship.