Keller Williams with David Locke

If you gave 5 different photographers the same equipment, the same opportunity and the same people to shoot, you’ll end up with 5 different results.
David Locke shot Keller Williams last week and due to unforeseen obstacles with the building’s management, the environments that were proposed were no longer available for the photo shoot. This is really when you’ll start to see the photographer’s experience come into play. David noticed a strange but beautifully lit internal atrium roof through a window and was able to make suggestions that added value to the look of the shoot. The strange roof was flooded in dappled light which caught parts of small pipes, bars and walls. The clients explored the environment in a series of test shots and they all agreed that it was an improved look over the original plan. With the addition of shooting wide aperture for blur and allowing for light flares, the results are really striking.
light corporate photo shoot