Iphone photography tips

iPhone Photography Tips

As smartphone cameras continue to improve in quality, there’s now a very real chance of taking high quality pictures with your iPhone. It’s the camera you always have with you and there are a multitude of shooting and editing options that will allow you to create the best images possible. We’ve pulled together a few simple tips that will help lift your iPhone images out of the ordinary…




Top tips for improving your iPhone images

  • Treat it like a camera, rather than a phone. This means standing still when you’re taking a picture and holding the phone with both hands to keep it steady.
  • When it comes to lighting, keep the sun or other source of light well behind you. Low levels of light can result in grainy images so position the subject of your picture where they can best take advantage of any natural light there is.
  • Alternatively, experiment taking pictures with the light source behind your subject—you should be able to create a dramatic silhouette if conditions are right.
  • Download Hipstamatic and use it to manipulate the appearance of your images—add software filters, different lenses and flashes to create unique pictures with a vintage vibe.
  • Take multiple versions of the same picture until you learn what works best to create the image you’re looking for.
  • Keep your composition simple—it’s true with any form of photography, the less cluttered the image, the greater the impact. But it’s even more important with iPhone pictures, which are likely to be viewed on a very small screen.
  • Add depth to your pictures by layering the composition—by including foreground objects in a landscape or background details in a close-up, you’ll give your image far more depth and avoid that flat feeling some pictures have when there’s no depth of field.
  • Make sure your lens is clean. It might sound like a no brainer but it’s easy to forget that your iPhone lens doesn’t have its own dedicated lens cap.
  • Experiment with shooting from a lower angle. This will make your image look different from the usual eye-level iPhone shots.
  • Download an app that will allow you to overlay exposures. The results will be experimental and it won’t always work—but you can use it to link ideas and create statement images that really speak to people.
  • Another app that will allow you to experiment with your images is Lightbomber. This lets you take long exposure pictures—particularly useful at night or if you want a blurred light image.
  • It’s a mobile phone—so stay mobile! Take pictures from a variety of angles and distances, get down low to the ground or find something to climb up onto so you can angle downwards. Zoom tends not to work so well on smartphone cameras, so if you want a close-up, get closer to your subject.
  • Remember, creating your images doesn’t stop when you take the picture. Load them up onto your computer and start processing. Suddenly a shot that didn’t seem like much on your phone can be transformed into something unique with a few adjustments in post-production.

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