New Portrait Photography Studio In Shoreditch - Headshot London

Headshot London – STUDIO 1 : Shoreditch

We know it hasn’t been too long since we set up our Studio 2 : Farringdon – Clerkenwell, but who knew that we are so attached to Shoreditch and its artsy bustle! So we decided why not open a Studio 1 : Shoreditch, which feels like our spiritual home and where it all began 8 years ago.

Our new cozy studio with lots of air, light and new backdrop textures on Clifton Street is now ready to welcome all of you to for a cup of tea, good conversation and, of course, a very fun and relaxing photo shoot.

Our contacts are all the same, just one more address to keep in mind: 107 Clifton Street, London, EC2A 4LG We can’t wait to see you here… If you need a little idea of what ‘here’ means, take a look at both sides of our Studio 1 : Shoreditch

The panel below is all about the City of London side of the studio which is what the office looks at – Moorgate, Liverpool Street, Barbican

City of London cityscape photography

The panel below is all about the Shoreditch side of the studio.

shoreditch london photography