Halo Game

Halo! Is there anybody there?

At Headshot London, we are and shall always be, life-long gamers! We even have a games console in the studio for when we are chilling out at the breakfast bar with nothing to do.

In the summer we decided that we wanted to do a shoot with an action figure from a game and to allow him a normal life. A life without the usual problems of being out of place. A life like any other, allowed to get on with his business (literally) without being singled out.

The action figure we bought was from Halo and cost £50. It’s really well articulated and although we had a number of poses planned for him, we only managed to shoot one so far as we had to run back for a job. Still it’s a start. I hope we can find more spare time before Christmas to get at least one more shot done. I’d like to see him having a coffee with friends, wouldn’t you?

By the way, the action figure is only 22cm tall so please don’t call up asking where we bought our life sized Master Chief action figure from.