Professional retouching and photo shoot with green screen

Green Screen Sports Advertising Photography & Retouching

We have been continuing with our green screen onslaught for sports advertising clients again with a shoot for play football, the national 5-a-side venues that have all been kitted out with high-tech 3G synthetic turfed, floodlit pitches.

We were asked to create a ‘Rockstar’ look and feel using their own customers… players had a chance to be a real part of their campaign and so although that in itself creates a challenge for everyone involved, the images came out very well indeed.

The company who are launching a multitude of ads, banners and billboards around the 18 national locations they serve have really kept us busy of late. Their creative agency¬†‘Iris Nation Worldwide‘ came up with the rockstar look and very own creative powerhouse, David Locke decided to ‘pitch’ (yes that is a pun!) the idea as a green screen shoot and build the ground, sky and people into the look and feel they were looking for.

David Locke shot all players (with a little help from our team – Dan Thomas and Lina Dahlbeck) for the many ads with a dramatic lighting setup and as a result decided to do them all individually and bring them all together on one image. Some images have 5 players, others have 1 and this has 3.

Take a look at the green screen shot before the real retouching work began.

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Green Screen Photography & Photo Retouching for Football Company