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Good Time To Renew Your Business Headshot?

With more and more companies suffering economic blows (who knew that American Airlines would file for bankruptcy before the holidays this year?), it is but important for businesses or corporations to really pump things up and make sure that they face these challenges head-on. They must know how to cope with the credit crunch and if there’s a need to do a revamp on their marketing strategies, then so be it. Also, if there’s a need to schedule professional photoshoots for branding and advertising purposes, then so be it. Corporations must be able to present a better, cleaner, stronger and more bullish image. This can surely help keep their existing clients, potential customers, possible investors and business partners optimistic and comfortable.


Professional Corporate Headshot

Speaking of marketing strategies, part of the tried and tested methods in letting a business have a good, solid and professional image for its customers is to arrange for business headshots. business headshots are important because these can practically project an image of professionalism, high quality and good service to the customers. Business headshots are important because they reflect the type of people that you have in your organization. Corporate headshots are also important because a lot of investors and other companies that may want to do business with you would most likely want to see the people they will be dealing with. Hence, in this case, you can definitely say that your business headshots must be really, really good so as to give the right and good first impression!


What are corporate headshots?

Technically speaking, a business headshot is a “10 x 8 inch image and is very similar to a portrait or a mug shot. The 10 x 8 is the measurement and the size of an image. It usually includes the person’s head and shoulders and it focuses on the face of the person.” Headshots usually require the person to wear something formal – suits or coats and ties for the men and office attire or smart casuals for the women. The hairstyle of the person must also be kept and the makeup must be clean and appropriate. For the men, a clean shaven look is highly recommended.


Business Headshots need not be too formal, though. These days, the trend among marketing headshots is that it should show a bit more of the person’s personality. It must show the person smiling, relaxed and confident. It must project an image that the person on the photo is ready to serve, is a professional, is someone who knows what he or she is doing, is trustworthy, is hardworking, is friendly and is someone who will only extend quality service in a professional manner.


Corporate Editorial Photography by Headshot London

It must also be underscored that business headshots must be taken by professional photographers. There should be no room for neophyte photographers here. This way, the photos will come out clean, formal and of very high quality. The latter is a very important thing to consider especially since corporate headshots can be used for online profiles, press releases, articles, company websites, mail order catalogues, product packaging, company newsletters and other forms of publication, annual reports, brochures and other marketing collaterals. Professional photographers know what angle will work best, what angle will suit the person best and what look will work best not only for the person but for the business or brand as well.


Black and White Headshots by Headshot London Photography

But did you know that even new graduates or those who have yet to land a job must have good corporate headshots as well? A lot of hiring agencies now require the submission of good quality photos from job applicants so it will definitely be on your favor if you have ready corporate headshots. This is also applicable to people who want a change in careers or who have lost their jobs. You must have good corporate headshots ready. Just make sure that you approach a professional photographer who specializes in corporate headshots. Plus make sure that you also follow the basic rules whenever you have a corporate headshot taken – the right clothes, happy disposition, pleasing personality and of course, a ready smile.


So why is it exactly a good time to have your corporate headshots? Because these days, with many possibilities in terms of career change and economic challenges and (worse case scenario) even bankruptcy, it is but important to always be a cut above the rest. A corporation must project a sturdy image – one that is ready to continue doing business the best way it knows how.


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