David Locke speaks at ‘Going Pro 2014’

2014 has kicked off to a flying start so far and we have seen three additional photographers and another photographer’s assistant join our ranks in January alone. Yet more testimony to the success and strengths of Headshot London.

Being a successful photographic agency is no easy thing to achieve. It must rely on great Photographers, it must rely on our reputation, their reputation, their skill, their understanding of a client’s brief and of all of us being amazing and accommodating to deal with. That is who we are and what we are known for, with a great deal of help from David Locke (pictured above)… his reputation grows with every new year and 2014 will be no exception.

He was recently asked to be a guest speaker at this years 36exp’s ‘Going Pro’ talks in London on the 15th February.

The event will try to encourage new photographers to go out and carve a successful career in the industry by listening to the experiences of those who went out and earned their reputations.

David Locke’s talk will focus on his experience as a photographer and try to share the enthusiasm he has for his career, his photographic work, and his clients.