George Hurrell’s Golden age of Hollywood by David Locke

This was one of those great shoots where our creative vision influenced our client’s expectations. We love shoots that come together like this!


Clare and Michael were looking for a photo shoot which was provocative and dramatic. They recently had a fashion shoot in New York and were looking for something to add to their experiences in front of the camera.


After reflecting on various options and seeing the couple’s pictures from the previous shoot earlier in the year, the idea crystallised. Hollywood’s Golden Age.


David Locke has always been inspired by the lighting styles of photographers of the past such as; George Hurell and Edward Steichen. David jumped right in to create a sense of the 1940s with lots of moody shadows, continuous lighting and a dark understatement.


Having likened Clare and Michael to iconic actor couples, Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall or William Powell and Jean Harlow. David tried to recreate the their irresistible charm, glamour and elegance in the portraits. How close he came to the spirit of the time, you can judge from the pictures yourself…


headshotlondonblog_george-hurrell-2  headshotlondonblog_george-hurrell-5
headshotlondonblog_george-hurrell-3  headshotlondonblog_george-hurrell-4