Fern Britton Portrait by Headshot London - David Locke

Fern Britton portrait with David Locke

Earlier this week we had tea and biscuits with TV personality, Fern Britton… OK, so David Locke had a shoot with Fern with a little help from the rest of the team but mostly he was shooting a portrait and the rest of us were eating biscuits and chit-chatting with her between shooting.


We are glad to hear there are lots of new projects being filmed as we like seeing her in the box. Is it possible to be any nicer we thought to ourselves after she left the studio.


The shot you see is not the shot she will be using but a fun image of her that we liked.


This is a preview of one of the final image:



Stay tuned for FERN soon and check out our portfolio for more Fern Britton images.


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