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Trends And Styles In Family Photography

Most, if not all, people give importance to family. Family ties are very essential and people usually show how much they value their families through various methods including giving of gifts, travelling with them or even through the simple act of arranging for family portraits or family photography sessions.


Truth be told, family photography sessions must not only be fun but must also be very memorable as well. After all, the “cast members” in these types of sessions are members of a family! But exactly how do you make family photography sessions fun and worth all the trouble? How do you customize your family photography sessions? How would you, as a photographer, create an atmosphere that will not only be comfortable and easy but great for your clients as well?


Below are just some of the few new trends and styles in family photography.


Urban environments

Does your family live in an urban area? Does your family love the city, the perks of living in a city, the city lifestyle? Then urban environments may be great settings for your family photography sessions. Examples of urban settings are various pocket areas down town or at a historical place near your home. Urban environments are usually those that have train tracks, walk ways, long and winding stairways, graffiti filled walls, interesting looking walls, parking lots or your family’s favourite neighbourhood court or village clubhouse. Just think of it this way – urban means city, or at least somewhere busy and where there are a lot of people. Now for the clothes, the family members can wear jeans, their favourite shirts or everyday, casual clothing. Make sure that the family members feel comfortable.


Open Fields

This is one of the favourite settings for family photography sessions. If you can think of an open field nearby or if you can schedule a photo shoot at a field near an airport or a farm, for instance, then this can actually be a great venue for family photography. A lot of family photographers like working in an open field because for one, if the family has small children, these tiny tots can just run around, be free, play and just be…kids! Photographers can then capture candid moments such as spontaneous reactions, happy laughter or moments shared between the child and his or her parents. Open fields can also be great if you want to capture the sunrise or sunset.


Own home

Don’t look now but a family’s own home can actually be a great venue for family photography sessions. It’s actually even more convenient since the family need not move somewhere far or go to a place that they’re not familiar with. Truth be told, it might even be a great idea to just stay home and have photos taken around the house especially if this is supposed to be your very first family photoshoot. One thing you have to take note, though, is that it would help a lot if you have photos taken near a window. This way, the family photographer can use natural light coming through the window. Another thing that you may also want to consider is that while not all parts of the house may be used, it would be great if you also help the photographer be more familiar with your home. For instance, you can introduce a favourite family couch to the photographer. You can also show the photographer your child’s favourite nook or play area.


Now as for clothes…

A tried and tested method is to really just make sure that the photo subjects are in clothes that they feel comfortable in. Whether the clothes are old or brand new, the family members should wear them with ease and confidence. One trick that you might want to do is wear brand new clothes but wear at least one or two pieces that are “familiar.” For instance, even though you’re all decked in brand new tops and jeans, you might want to still wear an old pair of socks. This way, you feel “at home” and at ease. Another thing that you might want to consider is dressing all alike. Have a color scheme for the clothes for all the family members. Or you can also just coordinate your family’s clothes to make them a little “intertwined.” Bottom line is – family photography sessions must be something spontaneous, uber fun and happy. It must be an experience in itself – one that is supposed to last a lifetime.


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