Chloe-Jasmine Whichello

X Factor – Chloe-Jasmin Whichello

It is always thrilling to discover how the career of your clients pivots or accelerates to new highs.


About 5 years ago we were commissioned by Fashion TV to shoot a fashion model donning a new collection created by the well known Ukrainian designer Natalia Dolenko.


The backdrop was a South Kensington outdoor shoot on a dreary winter day with temperatures below zero. Not quite perfect conditions for modeling- light summer dresses. Fortunately, the model was a triumph of professionalism, despite her years.


Chloe-Jasmin Whichello was on top of her game that day, responsive, co-operative, fun, helpful, nothing but a pleasure to work with. She was open to creative ideas and expressed the narrative of the shoot with elegance and perfection.


Flash forward to today and we discovered, along with millions of X-Factor viewers, Chloe’s talent as a singer with such an absolutely stunning and eloquent deep, velvet blues voice. Her personality seems as vivid, down-to earth and charming as it was back then on that cold wintery day when we first met her.


We are rooting for her victory in the show and anticipate new surprises on her new roles and projects, – we are sure its only the beginning. Good luck kiddo!