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Examples & Types of Professional Headshots for Business Marketing

We are often asked to shoot corporate headshots for businesses in London and this is what we are absolutely brilliant for. All of our photographers specialise in corporate headshots and business portraits as well as frequently shoot events and editorial portraits for PR for websites, press, LinkedIn profiles and many many more other uses. So see below some of the examples that we recently did for some of our clients and let us know which style of corporate headshots and portraits will work for your business.
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Corporate Headshots Examples?

Corporate headshot is effectively a close up photograph of a person designed to suit business marketing literature such as annual reports, press publications, a website or a simple business profile. We do several types of headshots here at Headshot London. For example, you could have one done against a plain white or coloured background in the studio or your office. Alternatively, you can have it done in the environmental style. For example, have it shot against your office background or outside of your office on the street with trees or buildings in the background.
Lately, we also frequently asked to photograph black and white business corporate headshots. Here you will need to let us know in advance if you would like the headshots to be converted into black and white format. As the photo shoot itself will require a slightly different set up, camera settings as well as post production requirements the earlier we know what type of photograph you would like the better your black and white headshot will look.
To make it easier for you to visualise the different types of headshot photographs you can have with us we have put together the list of corporate headshots examples you can refer to when discussing your photography requirements with us.

1. Plain White

corporate headshot london photography

2. Coloured

Editorial Portrait for Google in London

3. Office

Corporate Headshots Photography in London, against white background

4. Black and White

corporate portrait

5. Environmental

corporate headshot

6. Black Background

Black and white headshot

7. Other Examples

Black and White Actor Headshot

professional corporate headshots photography in London, UK

corporate headshots photography

Corporate Headshot Photography in London

We have many more examples of our work but this will hopefully help you to decide on what type of headshot you would like on our photographers to do for you. Get in touch with Headshot London today to discuss your requirements and book a shoot with our bookings team at booking @ headshotlondon.co.uk / 020 3289 9054.
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