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Event Photography Tips

Ten Professional Tips for Event Photography


If you’re starting out as a freelance photographer, you’ll need to specialise in one or two areas that will bring you steady opportunities and a flow of income. Event photography fits the bill. By building a reputation as the go-to event photographer in your area, you’ll be cementing the foundations for a good career. So ask yourself, what makes a good events photographer and have you got what it takes?


You’ll find some of the answers in our professional tips for event photography. Experience is a great teacher, but give yourself a head start by putting some of the following advice into action next time you’re asked to photograph an event.


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Ten Tips for Event Success


  1. Be prepared

Find out as much in advance about the event as you can from your client—location details that might affect what equipment you need, the duration of the event, how it will be structured and if there are certain people or moments that it’s essential to shoot.


  1. Dress appropriately

This generally means smart attire that allows you to be unobtrusive as you move around among the guests. Find out the dress code from your client beforehand.


  1. Bring the right equipment

Use a checklist to ensure you bring everything you need and, in case of the unexpected, pick the most versatile equipment you have. A DSLR will allow you to shoot on aperture and manual mode. Battery-powered lights will free you from having to hover near a power socket.


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  1. Arrive early

This will allow you to scope out the location and decide where to shoot the more formal shots and group pictures you need to take. It will also give you the chance to set up any additional lighting and to shoot the venue before the guests arrive.


  1. Ask before taking somebody’s photo

Naturally there are people who don’t enjoy being photographed and certainly don’t want to be caught unaware or when they’re eating or drinking. For this reason, you should ask people before taking their picture and give them the chance to compose themselves rather than simply snapping away at them. The last thing you need to do is upset one of your client’s guests, so be extra polite at all times.


  1. Organise to take group shots as early as possible

People’s patience and tolerance for being organised into groups and asked to pose is usually better early on in an event. If you leave it until the end, you risk the chance that someone might have left or disappeared outside for a cigarette. Ask your subjects to stand as close together as possible and set them at different levels rather than in a straight row.


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  1. Think about how your pictures can reflect the style and emotion of the event

A business presentation will require a very different set of pictures to a wedding. Both will have formal elements, but while the business presentation is about showing people in a professional setting, a wedding or a celebratory party offers more scope for capturing fun and emotion. Candid shots of people enjoying themselves at a wedding will be acceptable. However, at a business event, take guidance from your client over who should be photographed together.


  1. You’re always on duty

In other words, focus on your work rather than chatting to guests. And don’t be tempted to accept an alcoholic drink if you’re offered one.


  1. Post production

Convert and post-process your shots in a professional and timely manner. Generally, clients are impatient to see the results, so let them know when they’ll be ready and make sure you finish on time.


  1. Benefit from every shoot

If your client’s happy with the result, you’re liable to get repeat business and recommendations, so do the best you can on every job. Then use your favourite shots to boost your portfolio to show to new potential clients.


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