Digital vs Print Photography Portfolios

We have been planning a new photography portfolio for a very long time now, but as much as we wanted to improve and update the old one, we delayed doing it till we could decide and understand it’s nature. We just love the theatre and traditional aspect that a printed portfolio has to offer. We also love the idea of moving with the times, utilising the advances in ‘cloud technology’ to tailor each presentation specifically for that client.
With the latest iPad from Apple flying off the shelves and many rivals coming in a close second, it has never been so important to evolve with the times. Presenting work in digital tablet form has now started becoming the norm, rather than the exception. More and more photographers have started to use retina displays to showcase their work. With our latest expansion of services into video, it also affords us the perfect opportunity to showcase moving, as well as still images at the same time.
We have always loved the presentation style of print portfolios and were not happy to make use of prosaic iPad cases whilst also loosing the option of printed matter. It seemed the fears and concerns that we held were also felt by many others. Our professionalism, our creativity and our passion is what has got us to where we are today, so you can imagine our work needs to be shown in the best possible light.
After considering our options for a new digital portfolio, we were advised by friend and fellow photographer Steve Greenaway to seek the wisdom of Cathy Robert at Delta Design in Clerkenwell, London. We put forward our concerns and she welcomed the challenge to create both a digital and print portfolio that could impress the purists as well as those who embrace only the future.
Cathy consulted on two different design specs that could easily make use of the new retina iPad but also impress us with their traditional look and feel.
Headshot London Portfolio

Headshot London Portfolio

Digital Photography Portfolio by HeadshotLondon.co.uk

Digital Photography Portfolio by HeadshotLondon.co.uk
Cathy says –
“When David and the team at Headshot London came to us, they showed concerns about the move from print only to digital only. With the move, they believed they would be losing some of the touchy, feely nature of traditional print photography and were very concerned about the future. They delayed putting together a new portfolio for about a year because of their concerns. So we listened…
We wrote down their needs and pitched a couple of designs for them that were really quite unique. We really took a different view on this project as David loves print so much he could not let it go altogether. We came up with an idea that suited both styles of digital and print portfolio matter in the main A3 portfolio that had room for 30 prints on thick stock, a postcard holder and a retina iPad tucked away in a hidden compartment behind the prints, allowing for the expansion of images if need be.
David Loved the idea of being able to keep his prints but also show his video work and expanded portfolio of images dependant on the sort of client he was seeing. We wanted to build something unique that also has an eye on the future and I think we have done that very well.
The second design for two digital only portfolios was also taken up by Headshot London and we created two identical A4 iPad only books that sit within solid slip cases. I think this sort of size will be easy to keep on you all the time and with cloud technology, you can update on the tube if you need to… or so I’m told”.
Headshot London - Digital Photography Portfolio

Ipad Photography Portfolio

Ipad Digital Photography Portfolio - HeadshotLondon
We photographers are an incestuous bunch and we rarely work with people on a whim. We like to follow the recommendations and so we are grateful we had lunch with Steve last year when he was over from Oz. He put us in contact with Cathy and her team and the rest is history!
If you have a project and would like to see our new portfolio, give us a call: 020 3289 9054 and if you’re just nosy, look at the images above and give Cathy a call ;0)
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