Dawn O’Porter- How to find love online

It’s good to see that Dawn O’Porter is back on the box. She’ll be on Alan Carr’s Chatty Man tonight alongside Rod Stewart, Ollie Locke (no relation to our Dear Leader – David Locke) and others, to promote her upcoming programme about finding love online.
She was great, really down to earth, funny and made the whole thing very normal. Over lunch she told stories and one in particular about her husband – Comic actor, Chris O’Dowd. He sounds like he would be a fun guy to have around.
Our own studio’s funny-man, David was filmed shooting some portraits of her for the new programme which will be going out on Channel 4 later this month. You may even get to see some of our team in action. It was shot in one of our favourite Shoreditch pubs, near to our studio.
We’ll put up some portraits from the programme once it airs but for now, you can see a couple of the behind the scenes iphone shots below…
David Locke talks to Dawn O'Porter
David Locke takes Portraits of Dawn O'Porter for TV Show