David Ellis and the Classic Car Club


At the end of January, we had a shoot of two parts. The first was a portrait looking grainy and textural, which was shot in the studio, pictured below. Part two of the shoot was on location — conveniently only one road away. We had the chance to run around the Classic Car Club in Shoreditch, whilst trying to find the car that summed up David Ellis’ ‘Drive’ for his album and PR photography.

The Classic Car Club have lots of English classics but the car we found worked well for David Ellis’ look was a 1960’s Jensen CV8!

David Ellis is a musician signed to Axis Mundi, the record company owned by one of the ‘Crystal Fighters’; Graham Dickson. David will be in the US recording for his album and should be debuted here in the summer 2014…. look out for him, he’s a cool guy.