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10 Things To Do Before Your Photography Session

More often than not, people would require to have their photos taken by a professional photographer at one point in their lives. They may need these photos for work purposes, for the sheer sake of vanity, to serve as gifts or give-aways during a special occasion or even just for the simple experience of having photos taken by a professional photographer.


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So if you are one of those people who will soon have a special photo shoot, here are 10 things that you must do before your photography session with a professional photographer:


1. Be sure that you and your professional photographer have the same vision, theme and idea in mind. This means that before your big photography session, you and your photographer must have already agreed on the location of the shoot, on what type of clothes to wear, on the theme or idea of the photo shoot, on the time of the shoot and even on which type of cameras and films to use. After all, there are photographers who may still use film and who may like to use black and white photography even though these were not your preference from the very beginning. Also, if you have certain demands from your photographer, be sure to make this clear with him or her from the very beginning.


2. Sleep, sleep, sleep. Catch as much zzz’s as you can. To have restful nights of sleep starting at least 3 days before your photography session can help put your mind and body at ease. Getting as much as 8 hours of sleep a day can also help get rid of those dark circles around your eyes.


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3. Drink lots of water. Water can help keep your skin healthy and supple.


4. Pick appropriate clothes, appropriate shoes and appropriate accessories. This is where the points found in item number 1 are also applicable. If you and your photographer have already agreed on the theme, idea, location and other details, then it’s easy for you to figure out the type of clothes, footwear and accessories to bring to the photo shoot.


5. Have a test make-up session. This is especially true for ladies. Conduct test make-up sessions preferably while wearing the clothes that you will wear during your photography session.


This will help you figure out if the make-up will help accentuate your whole look or not. Doing test make-up sessions will also remind you not to be too playful with your looks on the day of the photo shoot. Go with what works and what makes you look your best.


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6. Don’t worry about loosing weight or about the state of your skin! Remember, there is nothing the magic retouching brush cannot touch up and remove!


7. Practice in front of a mirror. There is no crime in practising various poses in front of a mirror. Go online, check the different poses made by models on magazines and fashion websites and try to mimic these. Remember – you are the star during the photography session. Besides, projecting various poses may help keep your professional photographer happy and excited to capture great shots.


8. Bring a cheering squad. On the very day of your big photography session, bring your own little posse of fans. They can be close friends and relatives – people who will surround you with nothing but positive vibes during your session with a professional photographer. These people will help lift your spirits up during the entire day. We’re sure these people will also not mind if you request them to be your personal assistants…at least for the day.


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9. Have a back-up plan. Always be ready with a back-up plan just in case the weather goes bad on the day of your photo shoot or if something happens at the last minute.


10. Smile, relax and put yourself in the hands of your photographer. Nothing beats having a smile on your face and having a sunny disposition on the day of your photo shoot. Just breathe and relax. Chances are, if you have a talented and personable professional photographer, not only will you have a wonderful experience during your photography session but you will also get the best photos! And, chances are, if your professional photographer is from Headshot London Photography, you have made the best choice.


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