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Architecture Photography

For Modern, Creative and Abstract Architecture Photography

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Structure, light, colour. These three key components of good photography take on new meaning when photographing architecture. For architecture photography that really brings out the best in a building, Headshot London has you covered.

Based in London and with connections around the UK, we have years of experience behind the camera and are are able to offer professional architecture photography services with attention to detail and pride in our work that is unmatched.

How we work

The equipment we use is high quality and always up-to-date, and we know exactly how to make best use of natural light in our compositions — which is important for architectural photos where photography is principally done outside. With a keen eye on composition, Headshot London can capture the best a building has to offer and while giving it the context it needs to look like it belongs. A good photograph generates an emotional response from the viewer, and building photography is no different. After all, the building is the product of people, is it not? We give personality and life to architecture, and aim to tell a story to strike a human connection with the viewer. One of the ways we can do this is through black and white photography.

It’s worthwhile remembering that a good image is captured with a camera and not created in post-production. However, we can use tools and techniques to enhance the images we take.

For example, as the viewer’s eye is drawn to the brightest areas of an image first, we can emphasise these elements in post-production.

Our architectural photography pricing structures change depending on the type of job, how complicated the shoot is, props, locations and deadlines. For a specific quote, please contact us for prices tailored to your needs.


What is architecture photography?
Architecture photography (also called building photography or structure photography) generally means photography that focuses on buildings. It can include shooting building exteriors, bridges, other structures, and cityscapes and covers a wide range of styles: abstract architecture photography, modern architecture photography, and brutalist photography just to name a few.

Who are some of Headshot London’s photography clients?
At Headshot London, we carry a range of clients. We shoot for small and big companies alike. You can find our list of our interior photography clients here.

Why would you need an architecture photographer?
From building sales and real estate to corporate branding, there are many applications of architecture photography. And a building is no different from any other subject, and a good architecture photographer can bring out the best in a building and realise the ideas you have for the photoshoot.