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Advertising Photography

For Effective Marketing and Campaigns for Your Products and Services

Advertising Campaign for Feel Good Drinks

You can send 500 emails a day, but one stunning advertising photo on can blow everything else out of the water.

Whether it is a product, a touching moment or a creative portrait, advertising photography has the power to tell a story and to evoke memories or emotional responses. Great photography can tie a whole marketing campaign together, and if you’re looking for a professional advertising photographer in London and beyond, you’re in the right place.

How we work

The most powerful connection between customers and products is an emotional one. We will work with you to identify decide on a concept for your service or product photography and identify a positive, real-life situation that strikes a chord with your target audience. We craft advertising photos that are high-quality and eye-catching so that your brand’s message is effectively delivered through the advert.

Our years of experience in the industry have honed the creativity, attention to detail, and skill required to get the shot you want. Pair that with our green screen-equipped state-of-the-art studio in Shoreditch, as well as some of the best lighting and camera equipment available, and we can see your advertising photography project through to completion.

We will also take into account the different mediums that your campaign may span, be it in print, on social media, on a website or on posters. While it’s true that a good photo starts with the photographer, post-production work and photo retouching are also key components of the service we provide, and you can rely on our expertise in that area.

Our advertising photography pricing structures change depending on the type of job, how complicated the shoot is, props, locations and deadlines. For a specific quote, please contact us for prices tailored to your needs.


What is advertising photography?
Good advertising is about persuasion. It works by putting products, goods or services in front of an audience, and then convincing them to be interested. Read our blog post about it.

Why do I need professional advertising photography?
We live in a world that is saturated with content. A professional photographer can work with you to craft something that will stand out against the crowd. Learn more by reading our blog post: “Why your business needs professional photography”.

What is the difference between commercial photography and advertising photography?
Generally, the intent of advertising photography is to persuade or convince the viewer to want that product. In contrast, commercial photography’s intent is to capture the essence of a product or service in the best way possible.