Brighton and Hove classical portrait

  So one of the latest shoots was from Brighton and Hove and was shot for a contributing editor of the economist magazine (though I am told they are a newspaper).   Shot in unabated Brighton sunshine, half hiding in shadow, is…

Brighton portrait photography

  We recently made ourselves available to the people and businesses of Brighton and Hove and the surrounding area. So far we have had three shoots there. One for personal dating profile, one for professional profiles of a journalist in…

Unit Media TV

  The facilities at Unit Media TV were hoovered and ready to rock and roll when we showed up to do a portrait of two key production staff in London’s soho.   The studio is so slick, it’s slicker than…

Point 2 surveyors portraits

  Point 2 surveyors had a great shoot with Associate photographer Andrew and the results are lovely and with a great use of interesting walls   Check them out here: www.point2surveyors.com      

iPhone Photography Tips

As smartphone cameras continue to improve in quality, there’s now a very real chance of taking high quality pictures with your iPhone. It’s the camera you always have with you and there are a multitude of shooting and editing options…

Burford Capital event photography

The summer is over and as we prepare for the long winter, the winter seems unprepared for us. Our unseasonal weather is certainly allowing us at Headshot London, time to get those summer event images during the autumn. It won’t last…

HSBC nationwide photoshoots

How many photographers does it take to change a light bulb? Well the answer is four… at least it took four of our photographers to take the client’s idea at HSBC (lightbulb… idea… get it?) and deliver their project over…